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Mischief Ruins

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Good lord I hadn't updated this for three years!!

Ok well I am a graduate in Japanese language and culture from the University of Maryland. I studied abroad for a year in Chiba, Japan and would like to go back for awhile tho probably not permanently.
I now work for a flower shop.. and if one more person walks in saying what a nice job it must be and how nice the shop smells I MAY have to shank them... dont be fooled.. flower shops are terrible evil places of doom. Regardless of that im enjoying the experiance (and money) for the time being.
I love animals and laziness.. a day when I can sleep late, play with the pets and stuff myself with a home cooked meal is basically ideal <3 Im somewhat antisocial, prefering a nice bubble tea with close friends than going out drinking at the club.. im quiet at first and annoyingly chatty later on.

If anyone wants to friend me for any reason feel free.. my journal is mostly just rants on work and life though <3